12 Pet Peeves That Drive Everyone Crazy

Line cutters. Nail biters. Pole huggers. Slow walkers. Loud chewers. ????
How annoying is everything? Very.
Here are 11 incredibly accurate pet peeves that can drive the entire humanity crazy.

1. Loud chewing

Loud chewing

Loud chewing is a major trigger for those who have misophonia or selective sound sensitivity syndrome. But irrespective of whether you are sensitive to sound or not, the squelching of food and watching the digestive process begin in someone’s half open mouth can put you off your meal.

2. The abbreviators

 The abbreviators

They are the people who abbreviate everything just so that they can suck the life out of a phrase. “Call me anytime” becomes CMA. “Hold the door” becomes HTD. Sound like medical terms, don’t they? That’s why it’s a pet peeve.

3. Misspelled signs

Misspelled signs

For any Grammar Nazi, misspelled signs are blasphemous. From “Leadies Toilet” to “Bycycle for Hier”, some people love to butcher the English language. Even though these signs invoke laughter, you can’t help but hunt down the monster and lock him up for good.

4. Nail biters

Nail biters

How hungry are you? The constant need to bite nails is either meant to sharpen people’s claws or help them feel full when on a diet. Because why else would you willingly ingest your system with all the grime you have been collecting under your nails?

5. Scuffing feet

Scuffing feet

Folks who scuff their feet while walking can ignite so many emotions inside of you. You can easily go from the urge to tackle them to punching them in the face in a matter of seconds. And don’t get me started on squeaky baby shoes. Of course, there is no ill feeling intended towards babies – they are adorable – but their parents should know better.

6. Chalk On Blackboard

Chalk On Blackboard

Blessed are the teachers who survive years of writing on blackboards with these horrendous instruments called chalks. The very feel of that rock on a surface can make insides turn. And then there’s that sound…just the thought makes our heads explode.

7. Food stealers

Food stealers

There are two kinds of food stealers. Those who steal your food behind your back (and don’t apologise) and those who simply eat off your plate without asking first. For all us Joeys out there, there is no greater pet peeve than sharing food with others.

8. Your/You’re


 While for some it’s cute when little kids spell things wrong, the effect is long worn off by adulthood. After being corrected for years in school your impression may be that errors like these are far and between, but you’re wrong. For some, the elementary grammar lessons did not quite stick. This trap joins its friends its/it’s, affect/effect and the most treacherous, there/their/they’re. While errors like these don’t bother everyone, those who do fall into the category find it very irritating, especially in professional settings. On the other hand, there is a group bothered by those who hark on the subject, bringing the issue full circle.

9. Queue jumpers

Queue jumpers

Nobody likes a queue but there are rules to be followed. People think they are playing smart by reserving a spot or playing the woman or child card, but it’s downright unacceptable. Don’t fan my pet peeve every time I stand in a line just so that I can be bumped by the likes of you.

10. Misspelling name

 Misspelling name

Getting people’s names wrong is the mother of all pet peeves, especially when they have slightly different names. Remember when Anushka Sharma got Late APJ Abdul Kalam’s name wrong? In her tribute to him? Yeah, people went all out.

11. Slow cashiers

Slow cashiers

Oh, come on! My math is worse than yours but even I can count faster than you! What’s the point of having two opposable digits when you can’t count the notes any faster than a turtle would, if it could?

12. Public singers

Public singers

There are bathroom singers and then there are public singers. While the former keep their horrible tunes to themselves, the latter can break out in song (of a kind) anywhere they go. It’s like they are auditioning for the day they meet their maker or are trying to fast track your journey to yours with their wailing. Too harsh? Well, not as harsh as these singers who make your ears bleed.

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