5 Signs That It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your Toxic Turning Friendship

Some of the greatest relationships of your lives are the ones you share with your friends, especially your besties. No matter how long you've known them, when needed, they're willing to be everything from sibling to soulmate without any expectations.

 They can both, your number one supporter and brutal critics when they feel it's important to bring you back to reality, and also loyal 3am companions. Don't get us wrong, we're not trying to say that friendship is all rainbows and puppies. No relationship is perfect, not even this. In fact, sometimes such bonds turn toxic too.While some friendships last forever, some, unfortunately, start to go downhill with time or changing circumstance. It can sometimes get so bad, you go to great lengths to avoid each other. But how can you know if what you and your friend have is real? And how do you recognise when things are souring? Here are some signs that'll tell you if your friendship is turning toxic.

1.Your friend criticises you all the time, but can't handle criticism in turn

Watch out for friends who've slowly or suddenly become hypercritical. If your friend is constantly pointing out your flaws and putting you down in public, but won't take any constructive criticism from you, you have a problem on your hands.


2.You're hesitant to share your happy news with your friend

Are you hesitant to tell her or him that you've finally found a soulmate? Or you landed that job you were eyeing for a long time? If you're afraid to share your news with a friend because you think they're going to put you down or mock you rather than share in your happiness, you need to re-examine the relationship.


3.There's zero reliability

You make plans together but your friend bails out or forgets about them. And it hasn't happened just once but to the point that you start feeling like he or she doesn't want to hang out with you anymore. Beware, this could be a clear message that you just aren't worth the effort!

4.You're pressured into doing things their way

Whenever your friend is around, you feel pressured to do things you aren't comfortable with. When it comes to you, you always ASK or at least think of his or her preferences; however, this gesture isn't reciprocated. And there's no way you can escape, since you're made to feel like a complete loser if you say no.

5.Gone are the days when they were good listeners

... today, all they want to do is talk and, that too, just about themselves. They've quit lending a ear to your problems. Friends share problems and try to find solutions. They believe in mutual understanding. But, clearly, a toxic friend doesn't care about all this.