"Time heals everything"
The most common and one of those most used phrases.
But time in itself-unlucky for us-does not heal 'Everything'.

My mother has left her hometown for long 26 years now, and the thought of visiting her hometown still accelerates her heart beat.

So here begins the things, the ones moved away from one's home town relate to. First thing first, there exists two types of 'movers' :

1. The one who moves from a metropolitan city to a not-so-amazing city.

2. The one who moves from a not-so-amazing city to a metropolitan city.

(Whoa! how sorted I am :))

 And the result in both the cases is: Migraine, embarrasement, language barrier, fashion complex and whatnot!

 Moreover, there are many positive pointers as well like, exploring, the much-needed-change, no more family restrictions( only if you are moving alone) and blah-blah. But I have almost read hundreds of articles about benefits of moving away from home town already, So lately I was wondering about all those problems we get through in that 'messy' process.

 So I've come up with these top 5 troubles, which troubled me a lot in my 'Trouble'

1. Your Room:

1. Your Room:

 How can I forget this? How Can even you? How can anyone? I loved my room in a way I thought would never leave me. Everyone does. No matter the room was tiny or big, the room was yours! You would get another one but the first one never leaves you! And trust me, these emotions turn out to be the biggest rival during that period. Lock them inside, you gonna do well sweetie :)  

2. The Neighbours:

2. The Neighbours:

This is the only one thing, which is big fat important yet remains un-noticed.Your neighbours.Period.

 You don't really consider them in that say-goodbye-to-people list, but they do exist in your mind. But The moment you step in some other house; some other neighborhood, you would realize how addicted you were with that noisy background. However 60% of the neighbours are good, but even those 40% also leave us with a reason to miss them hard!

3. Friendie :

3. Friendie :

 Warning: This is the most emotional of all these things. We've probably got all the best intelligent devices in our hand. We can talk to them, we can see them. But what about the feel?the presence? And after all the missing and tears, you turn up with two ways,

A. Tossing up those past moments in the memories section and move ahead with some new not-chaddi but baddi,s.

B. You update your status from friends to Long-distance-friendship.

 Either way, the friends always gonna be the best thing after that long day stuffed with struggles.

4.The Food Thing:

4.The Food Thing:

This REALLY is the biggest issue I been through since I moved. How would I get my favorite aalu tikki from that specific chowk vale bhaiya now? And that faaluda Ice cream? I CAN NOT! And this is the worst part of leaving your home town. Like how exactly you can expect us to leave that food, we are addicted with, since we were a kid. Come on!Or there should be some rule of taking those bhaiyas with you. NOT FAIR!!!!

5. Lifestyle:

5. Lifestyle:

Whether It's about food; your room or your friends, the most affected part is going to be You . Leaving your home town means leaving the place which brought you up THIS big! The roads which never scared you 'cause after everything, "This is MY city" have been one of your favorite dialogues. You will miss your hometown like anything, the streets, the lamp posts, the places you used to go to with your friends.You might take a lot of time to get adjusted with your new surroundings. But  EXPLORE things out!This is new, this is exciting. Count your blessings and have fun.

 In short, Your life will change. Some people will leave, things will change.

Accept it and Move on.


~ Ritika


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