Blame Someone else!

This Blame game hits hard Bro!

What should I call it? The Culprit or the game spoiler. More or less the only reason to conclude those big decision. But this game never ends.On the extreme Blame side of our scale would be people who can always find something else to blame: You could attribute the burned meal to your partner, who doesn’t help enough around the house, forcing you to multitask and forget the chicken simmering in the pan. You do not blame your cat for its misbehavior, but you might blame your neighbor who waved hello at just the wrong time. Slipping on the sidewalk as a result of your clumsiness? Of course not; people should sweep the leaves up off the ground before they become a hazard.

  At the other end of the spectrum are people who blame themselves for everything, even when they’ve had nothing to do with an unfortunate outcome. This isn’t just false modesty, some people do believe that they cause every bad thing all or most of the time.

 Let me clear one thing first, I am not going to be partial this time. Okay, I know you guys love me, so Never Mind!

 Nevertheless I feel sorry for the later ones. The reason being, "Once Upon a time,there was I who was just like these It's-all-my-fault-typies!" And for last 21 years, I lived with a notion, for being responsible for each and every thang surrounded by me.

"My pet got sick, It's me!"

"My bike is not working. Good Lord!It's me!"

"My neigbour slipped in his bathroom." Okay wait No. That's not me! 

You got my point, no?

But to all my It's-all-my-fault-squad, It's alright to feel like this. We do exist, and trust me! We are sweet (Blush-blush).Yet sometimes, Just some times, these things go statistically wrong. That leaves you identified as an irrational emotional person, who is ready to have all the torture, you don't really deserve.

Related to the study of blame is the social psychology of attributions. Blaming yourself when something goes wrong might relate to a general tendency to make so-called internal attributions for failure in which you see yourself as inept, foolish, or irresponsible. That tendency might motivate you to attribute your successes to external factors, such as fate, chance or luck, as well. 

And there’s always the fundamental attribution error: People excuse themselves for the same negative behavior that they blame others for doing. 

Someone is late to the family, holiday dinner and is treated by the host as a persona non grata for the remainder of the night—given the cold shoulder, given dirty looks, or even reprimanded before the other guests. A motorist goes down the wrong way in a parking lot and receives the middle finger from another motorist. A student fails an exam and subsequently becomes belligerent toward the teacher and makes nasty comments to other students about the teacher. A teacher consistently gets poor student evaluations and blames the students for being incompetent and too stupid to evaluate him. A man beats up his wife and blames the victim for not “understanding” him. A woman cheats on her husband and blames him for working too much. A manager does not get the promotion she wanted and blames her boss for being a “male chauvinist pig.”

Give up you blame claim that someone always has to be blamed and made to pay. Everyday life isn’t a court of law and you aren’t the judge and jury. Accept yourself and others unconditionally. This doesn’t mean you can’t negatively rate your own actions or those of others; but it does mean that you shouldn’t berate yourself or others. People aren’t “assholes” or “shits” even when they do shitty things.. Try to make things better, but rest content that you live in an imperfect world. Embrace this imperfect universe and the fallible beings in it, yourself and others —and stop blaming people and yourself for it.