Don't Go To Work, Unless It's fun (Or just make it fun)

It feels very easy for us to advice someone. Especially when we come to know about the other person couldn't get the admired job and just passing his time in some random one!
We immediately turn our antennas on and offer 'him' the hot seat, hanging a tag Rs 5/advice.

"Quit this job, and look for the other options. You deserve better!"

But deep inside we all know, this is not easy! To just follow our interests and leave everything behind we gained for quite some time. You can often find these things on Youtube or some website containing such quotes with the writings , "Don't go to work, unless it's fun". But there is nothing about, like how exactly you want us to have fun or what to type in that resignation letter. Whoa! Pity you!

And the moment you finish that video or actually read those lengthy articles, out of the blue, a magical energy hits you! You start flying in your room (No, not kidding this time), those schedule diaries come into the frame for writing those big resolutions. BUT then! suddenly your eyes catch the best thing you could ever think of!

'Your Bed'.

End of the story!

Guys just stop doing this shit every-time! I am not saying quit finding your admired job, but find a solution for yourself. Because these wishes sometimes leave you with nothing but a depressing You.

So here we will figure out the mechanism which can help us turning those horrible times into a more exciting one! Let's get started :

1. Realize what excites you!

1. Realize what excites you!

This thing always works for me! Sometimes like this one, you find yourself in a tedious task. Hence you get sick of those regular routines and same boring work. And this process goes on! 

The key is to make yourself excited! Not for the work, but the thing that excites you. If it is about books, start giving yourself the daily targets.

 Just give yourself a reason to get that smiling and energetic face every morning.

2. Name them friends

2. Name them friends

Of course you would have some great friends there, but I hope those are not the ones who just say 'hi' in the morning and 'goodbye' on leaving the office. You know what I mean? 

This time make the actual ones. The ones who share your interests, the one you can be the Real You with!  And You never know which moment you get that friend for life :) . 

Here the motive is to keep you going for something you are not interested in, but trust me those friends won't even let you realize about the hell you just gone through!

3. Find something interesting

3. Find something interesting

Now this is a fact, no matter how boring a thing is, there must be something which can excite you, even an inch. And I guarantee you, the moment you'll start searching for that inch, you wouldn't find that mountain the heavy you thought it was! It is just all about your eye and the view.

4. The 'me-time'!

4. The  'me-time'!

In many instances, the basic lack is the love for yourself! You just spend the whole day working or at least thinking about that boring job you already have. And this leaves your entire day doing nothing but making it a little more boring. So here the tip is to make a schedule ( No, not for your job, but this time for you). Make a List for a week, that how you are going to serve yourself in those next 7 days. The utmost pamper, which would make you forget every-thing! Even that job too!

There are umpteen methods to Cheer you up for almost everything. The only thing we need is to cajole ourselves for being happy in real. 

 So that's it folks! Signing off  with lots of love! Because actually, Even I don't like my job. (wink-wink)