Fall Again #diaryofamadness

Life brings us to unexpected situation. We never know what we will be through. Situations may seem going out of hand but there is always something to hold on to. Push it apart or get with the flow.

 I missed being loved the way i got it before. Why do i try finding him in him. He is different i know but why ? I still think about my bad days. When would this trauma end. I don't want him to be there but i don't want to leave this one either. I love him or i am falling i don't know.

' And so it ended and I have a new start. '

But this would end too, not on a sad note but yes, ends are always heartbreaking. I will learn from him. He is the best person i could have asked for. A friend, a teacher, my Bae and a listener. The only thing which hurts is, I know what things will be for us later but he will be my ‘Always’ forever! 

' Short but the best phase of my life! '  

Yes I make bad decisions. I am messed up. But i am all ‘sorted’ when i am with you. (Sorted is your word). I want to look at you the way i haven’t looked at anyone else. It's love, lust, that fire,it's something that makes me go crazy. I may sound creepy but I want you forever. Although it's just a wish that has come up today. Its like ‘kaaash’ , but then i stop because i don’t want to make you uncomfortable. But i am learning that love is not limited to two people.

' It's free. '

 I am free to love you as much as i can.I don’t want your love in return, it's just about happiness. I want to give my love to you. Love isn’t two way thing, but relationship is! However I don’t want a relationship, I just want to love you as much as i can till i am in your life.

'No complaints, No demands.' 

 I didn’t want it to happen but this is different.  

Different in a sense, it makes me feel good!

 Not restricted, it makes me confident!

 Not weak, it makes me a better person!

And that was something i had been searching.

~ PRmadness