I won't Cry! #ThefailurePart2

#Thefailurepart1 was all about the feelings she couldn't express. Her eyes were numb, but she could see her hands full of everything and then there was nothing. But this time, she was stuck with something else. The anonymous destiny and the bag full of excuses in the name of sympathy. She never wanted any, but the one who could unravel her. And then something happened!

The only question she had for herself, " What's next?"

She thought she would grab those shells this time,

But once again, they drew back with no reason.

More than ever, she wanted it to be a dream,

the 'Worst Nightmare' she would name it.

Everyone excused this to be her destiny,

" Don't worry , you deserve better!"

These words become the only source of hope she could have.

But she was standing stunned,

looking over the scratches she had on her hands,

while collecting those shells!

She couldn't think anything, but

 herself with a hand full of nothing.

"I won't cry!",  she commanded herself.


To be continued.............