Leonardo da Vinci can tell you the best, "Why the sky is 'Blue'?"

Why the sky is blue? A common question put up by children has an interesting history.

The fact about the color of the sky was revealed first by Leonardo da Vinci, who was an Italian artist and inventor.

In his writings compiled in the 1500s, he illustrated why the color of the sky appears to be blue. He explained the phenomenon by observing sunlight passing thru wood smoke, signifying how light is spread.

He further explained that the blue shade is produced due to the moisture that evaporates in small elements as it is striked by sun’s emissions. These small particles become intense and blend with the circumstantial blackness so that the sky looks blue. He spent his most of his life understanding and studying nature carefully thru his research and observations with different elements. Leonardo can certainly be designated as a real scientist of Renaissance period as he was already a talented personality.

The scripts in which he explained the reason behind the blue color of the sky, is owned by Bill Gates. In the texts in which he elucidated the blue color of the sky was questioned on the basis that this mixture of sun light and air with the darkness might not emit blue but a dark grey color. He was somewhat right, but he did not have equipment’s to apprehend the essential constituents, which is refined photosensitive occurrence called scattering.

In 1871, an English scientist Lord Rayleigh, went deep into Leonardo’s research to find out the truth about scattering. It was found that scattering occurs when light beams hit atomic particles comprising fragments of air. So, the abundance of sunshine striking the environment simply gets distributed in all ways, which is why the sky is glowing in a day.

As per the Rayleigh’s theory the blue color is about 3.2 times expected to be dispersed as compared to red light during any kind of contact with the molecules. And this precisely the colour visible to our eyes. While the radiance still includes red glow, it is subjugated by the blue color. Therefore, Leonardo was very close to his idea about the color of the sky and indeed the first one to explain it.

He also reckoned out why the complete moon is hazily observable when it is a thin hemispherical. Its dark side is ignited by the radiance redirected from the Earth, which seems fifty times dazzling from the moon than the full moon appears here.

Therefore, Leonardo’s visionary mind discovered many new theories about nature, science, and humanity. He was an eminent personality of those times.