Let's Laugh!

A smile! A Grin! A bigger smile! A laughter! And then BOOM! The tooth cracks!
Aha! I like it.
P.S. Excuse me If I start making such terrible jokes, but I just like annoying people. And that's another way to make yourself laugh huh! Hahaha.... I'm just so funny.( I guess I'm doing my work (Wink-wink))

 Well... I'm not a comedian. Neither a comedy graduate (wait, Is it even a degree? there should be!Come on colleges! get some tips here :) )But I just believe in making people laugh. And some people call all these gestures to be lunatic. Like who the hell cares about making a mob laugh, if you are not getting some nice bucks in return.

  See! The concept is clear! The moment you start observing your life cycle, (NO! It's not about that biological cycle.)There comes a moment in everyone's life, when he feels a mighty energy in himself and start watching some religious videos. I'm saying exactly those things what I did, in fact everyone does, when we finally realize, "This is not working, sweety!" So I just kind of revised my actual life cycle.

A crying baby with a smile> A horrible baby laugh> A teenager known for an eerie grin> And here I am, with a fake-ever-ready smile.

So ultimately, the single thing I found as the 'ONLY' reason(Except eating and sleeping) to live, is this fucking laughter! But who give a damn man! Because from the very beginning, every possible thing envy our smile! Even our own teeth! While I was a kid, my own teeth were so jealous that one of my teeth was always missing. And this left all my childhood photos with an excuse. "OH yeah! my tooth is missing. Actually there was a mouse who took that tiny thing of mine. HaHaHa and Ha!( I'm ridiculously funny!)And finally, when you get all your tiny kiddies back. You go to your mirror and act like a cool dude, like ahaan! I'm not a kid anymore. 

But wait before you watch it!  

You open your pathetically-ruined-for-years mouth and here you go!

"Who the hell organized my teeth in this slanting pattern! Come on! There is each section divided for each tooth. Hell NO!"  

And then you are known for ever for your half smile that strictly excludes the teeth appearance. And you are always like.. YES I have these bloody disorganized teeth. Do you have? NO? Then take your nose out of my business!

Except all this drama, People are often way busy or depressed to make their heart laugh. So they go for some comedy shows. And the results are quite impressive. But here's a question. Does that laugh work permanent for you? I mean, Are you sure Season 5 episode 6 , 'The Big bang theory' still gonna make you laugh even 49 days from now? If the answer is Yes, Go on baby! You are acing it. But if the answer is No. Then I got my twinieee :) 

We watch comedy shows, we laugh, then we come back to our homes. And here we are! Just Like we were always, that lip-paining-wide-fake-smiles. But have you ever tried smiling? 'The smile'. The smile that's not because you insulted someone, or the face you put on while greeting everyone. But the simple smile. Just because you feel that so?

 Well that's rare. Some would say, we don't get this extra time to smile on these silly things, and others will say, Do we resemble some joker or something? and I would say YES! Every person is a joker for himself. And he is the only joker of his life, the only person who can make himself laugh. The inner Laughter. The outer laughter can be brought by many with spending some bucks on such comedy shows. But this is solely your responsibility to make you laugh on a regular interval.

Some people believe in an interesting but an irrational superstitions. According to them, the more we laugh, we would bear the equal cry. So, the conclusion they give is

 "Do not laugh! because you'll cry afterwards."

 OKAY but what's the logic behind this?

 "Umm, it's just like that! just don't laugh!"

And Command accepted! But this is what subconsciously fit in our minds.

ME:-OH, SHIT! This is so funny! hahaha...

Mind:- STOP! Stop right now! Else you'll cry harder!

Me:-Command accepted!

What is the problem society? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Why you just keep tracking all those happy minds and restricting them just because they are happy. 

  1. "Why are you smiling? Is there any reason to? Don't act like fool."
  2. "Behave! We are not here to laugh!"

We are just full of such creep and no laughter. Why can't you just spare those smiling faces for a while?Why don't we just forget all those shitty superstitious restrictions, every fucking thing which is resisting us and just laugh. Laugh on those little things which we literally ignore. Laugh watching your dog jump, Laugh watching those stupid things your siblings do, Laugh watching someone doing over acting and blah-blah. Just laugh when you want, not when others don't want!

 Life is  full of "pumpkins". Don't slush them and juice it . That's yuck! But just put that "pumpkin" in front of you! And laugh. Laugh because it's round! Laugh  because it tastes yuck! Laugh because it's you and Laugh because you're free to laugh!

Laugh hard, Baby! You look Beautiful!