Life Lesson Taught By A Pigeon

It was the first weekend of October when I and my family decided to visit Humayun’s Tomb, in spite of being in Delhi for over 18 years, I was visiting Humayun’s Tomb for the second time.

 The day didn’t start too well, we took a metro and stepped out on a wrong station, then got into an argument with the auto driver for charging too much, somewhere our mood was ruined to some extent. This wasn’t enough till we saw a huge queue at the ticket counter and cherry on the cake was an extremely sunny day. We were regretting our decision already. I remember I was still having second thoughts of going to watch a movie instead. But anyhow we finally reached the ticket counter and got inside.

By the time we reached the tomb our excitement level was not so high, still, we did manage to click few pictures and explore a little. At the time of moving out, I witnessed something priceless which actually made my not so exciting visit to the tomb a learning experience.

It was the last area of the tomb where I saw two pigeons fighting, I mean that’s what I thought they were doing but then I looked more carefully and I figured out that one of the pigeons was a mother and the other one was the child.

What they were doing wasn’t a fight but actually, the mother kept peaking the baby pigeon until the baby saved himself and flew away a little. The mother kept hurting him so that he would defend himself and learn how to fly.

This little moment taught be the reality of life. What the pigeon mother was doing is exactly what life does to us. Whenever we feel life is being so mean to us and is continuously hurting us, why don’t we see it in another way around? Life is hurting us so that we learn how to fall and get up again. The more problems we face in life, the more we end up learning something new out of it.

The Pigeon showed me how we need to handle things in our lives and never give up . When the mother pigeon was hurting her child, the child cried at first but eventually the child knew that he has to do something to save himself instead of crying. This is what we must understand, when things are not in our favour, we must not keep crying and do nothing about it . Why do we accept things which we know is or will hurt us ? We must stand up and save ourselves from that pain or the pain will never reduce.