People will judge! #ThefailurePart1

Never once had she expected this moment. The moment, and her present was devastated, the moment which made her past unthinkable. But the future is calling for something else! It would take time for the pain to subside. But one day she will stride down her fear!

The only thing she got on her mind was,

"Does she really deserve this?"    

"Would she ever be able to look up?"

She didn't have those answers, but the words which never meant important to her,

"What would people say?" 

started surrounding her like an echo.

A tear rolled down, Nevertheless, she couldn't feel that.

Her eyes were numb, so do her limbs!

The flashbacks hit her so hard, she was broken.

"I will do it!", seemed a past now, 

"I couldn't", she reminded herself.

She knew her scratches won't stay any longer, she will be fine one day, 

but now she had a fear. A fear we call  'Failure' !

"People will judge", 

 the first thing she mumbled.                                

  To be continued.....