That Person

We often do some things we regret or maybe even forget, but at the end of the day we are all some random people full of faults.

I am that person who forced someone to their darkest corners.

I am that person who made someone sob as many tears their eyes could muster.

I am that person guilty of changing lanes just to avoid that encounter.

I am that person who bruised the backs of people with these claws of mine.

I am that person who yells at walls and doors waiting for them to confirm that I am a swine.

I am that person who lacks a spine and witnesses a crime side-eyed.

I am that person who got accustomed to my pathetic self and tell others some beautiful lies.

I brag how beautiful my dress is, how expensive my car, how I curled my hair, how I bought the star, how I never surrender to sensible arguments and opinions, and how I weigh myself high on the morality scale even though long ago, I already put my humanity on sale.