That sucks!

Hey what's up Ahchaks? I hope your life ain't sucking as much as others' ! I guess this question itself is valid. 'Cause there is no such life that doesn't tag itself of being sucked. HA-HA Gotchaaaa..

 And the most beautiful fact about this life is, It doesn't even spare you in the most happening moments.

( Yeah I'll tell you more about this) 

In my book, this is a very favorite phrase of mine. Owing to the fact that, this has some supernatural powers ! Okay, I am not kidding anymore, but yeah ! This has the power to kill all that frustration you were bidding all day. You just need to utter two words.. "Life Sucks!" and TA-DA bitch mode activated!

So Here I have tried to pen down such moments I feel we all could relate. 'Cause sometimes, lives just don't feel right and your mood ranges from "that sucks" to "that really sucks!"

1. When you get stuck in a confusion between 0 and O. 

2. When you are there to impress someone, and you push the pull-written door.

3. You gesture a 'Hi' to a person in front of everyone and he/she clearly ignores you.

4. When you are proud to bargain a shirt to Rs.1000, but checks the same shirt in the next shop at Rs.500 (Holly shit!)

5. After looking 456 food items online to order, you feel exhausted and give up on on-line food ordering, so ends up having a tiny snack or sometimes just water. Pity us!

6. When the currency note actually get stuck with your wallet zip, and you turn up into a mechanic with those perfect skills to get that note out. 

7. The moment you hit by an edge on such particular parts of your body, you tend to laugh and cry at the very same time. 

8. The moment you bang your head while picking something dropped, without knowing the door is ahead.

9. Those ads on youtube with "you can play video after this ad" tag. You just can't skip !

10. When you can't help but look at the price tag. 

11. When you realize you live in a country where it's hot 10 months a year.

12. When you click on Google search box to erase the last entry to search something new, but it gets messy and show the previous result one more time. God That's I.R.R.I.T.A.T.I.N.G !

13. The moment you are excited to step in the park, but the first step you put in results in a muddy feet bath, 'Cause it was all wet. 

14. You enter in a reputed place with everyone looking amazing, and you just realize your pants are wet in the buttock region


 Blah blah and blah! Everybody has his own 'Life sucks' stories, and that we would love to know.  Do tell us in the comment section below, and we will add that to our 15th and coming rows. We are highly Looking forward to say "that sucks" once again, but this time with our Ahchaks!

Lots of love,