The struggle only we younger siblings know to be true

Can you spot that chair in your Living Room? which we don't really use, in fact no one does. But we can't really pluck that up 'cause It was a 5 chair-set. Yes, that one! And logically That little-spare-innocent-cute-'useless' chair seems like the youngest kid of the family.

The two words you surely gonna say after reading this article are, "That's ME!"

But this is the actual point! We can just read and relate ourselves to such articles, but the pity is, We can not do a thing. Because we know we just can't un-born ourselves! AAAHH-IT HURTS BRO! :(

So the discussion for which we all have gathered here is ( yeah right,I've crammed this line since i was in High School (: ).. HOLD UP! Let me introduce myself once again. I am one of those youngest kids who play an important role by completing that 5 chairs set( YES!YES! Clap for me :/  )

So coming to point! Today when I was just roaming around, I came across with all those tortures I've Suffered for last long 21 years and still suffering. Whoa! Kudos to me. And then all those memories hit me just like a mosquito! OH, they actually bite. But let me tell you, they bite the shit out of you huh!

 ( Sometimes, I just think if only i could understand their zzzzzzzz... so that i would reply them, "oh yeah, same to you!" )

But honestly, I had also enjoyed those pros of being the youngest, but of course I am here to exaggerate you know ( wink-wink)

 So here are those top 6 tortures I have been through, though there are infinite (okay, finite but i am gonna exaggerate :))

1. He doesn't wear it now. You keep it, this will suit on you

1. He doesn't wear it now. You keep it, this will suit on you

WWWHHHAAATTTTT? So you mean I would have to wear his clothes? You mean in reality?! I AM LEAVING THIS HOUSE RIGHT AWAY! My mom has adopted meeeeeeeee!

NO, I don't say these words loud actually. This conversation thing is quite a secret between my brain and I. And the reality looks like this:

" Oh this shirt? No this doesn't fit me. Ohhh i  just got fit in this. Yeeeaaaah of course  I'll take it :)"

P.S. : I hope you felt my pain in that smileyyy... OHMYGOD I'm dying :/

2. You are Younger, stay out of this matter

2. You are Younger, stay out of this matter

" No dear, we will take care of this, You go and play!"

ComeFuckingOn! I am sick of this dialogue! Okay so what do you think? We are born without that brain thing? Oh so if that is the case, Then you are in a fix momma, It's NOT our fault! Why don't you people get this thing that we understand each and every thing you discuss! Even that Ad and those movie scenes in which you always acted a little strange, so that we somehow skip watching that thing! We know that too. Please at least listen to our opinions. We are not gyaani  but not  dumbass either.

3. It's Okay! He is your elder brother

3. It's Okay! He is your elder brother

Actually the thing is, He can do anything, because he is my elder brother. And with the same honor, i can not do anything because i am the youngest right? Okay, let me tell you what it actually looks like :

Me: "Mama he is hitting me!"

Mama: "It's Okay! He is your elder brother"

Me: "Dad he is throwing my books out!"

Dad: "It's Okay! He is your elder brother"

Me: "Like seriously?!"

Mama & Dad: .......................

And sometimes I feel, if somehow I found killed by my brother, I'm gonna get the same reply :/

P.S. : I think i need to take all those knives from the kitchen :)

4. Be like him, look he is so sincere

4. Be like him, look he is so sincere

Well.... I have no answers for this, 'Cause I swear I am not the sincere one. Thanks to the perfect, overachiever, firstborn of our parents, who are good at everything, all our achievements are judged by their standards. The threshold for accomplishments is always beyond our reach, and so whatever little talent we have is never considered good enough. . But that doesn't mean you can compare us with them.However according to a study, the youngest kids are the most intelligent ones. So let him act sincere, but the intelligence is the new cool you know :) 


5. Younger Sibling A.K.A ,'The Punching Bag'

5. Younger Sibling A.K.A ,'The Punching Bag'

We never have to go out of the house to face a bully, because we are already living with one. We are the target where all the anger and frustration pours out. Well, we agree that sometimes (by accident) we did spill some of their secrets to our parents, which we totally regretted later, with a black, swollen eye and a chipped tooth.

6. You get a permanent stamp of being a kid

6. You get a permanent stamp of being a kid

Okay, Like FOR-EVER!

 "I am not a kid anymore! Why don't you just get it?" 

Yeah these are our pet lines for like always. Because literally this is what they always do with us. We have been treated as a kid since birth! Then when we are going to grown up? You tell me! NO YOU TELL ME! 

1. "Baby, you are still a kid, you won't get it."

2. " Let him do it, He is elder right?"

And the conclusion is, I'm going to be a kid for next 60 more years! ( Hold Up! How I am going to look like in my 60's? Maybe a little more horrible :( )

Enjoy the thug life kiddies, Lots of love!