This is what you are supposed to do when friends cancel plans ( Nah-No Self pitying)

Well well well. It’s about an hour before you’re supposed to head out the door to meet up a friend for dinner.


Yep, your friend says she got sick and can’t make it tonight. 

Well shit. Now what are you supposed to now that your friend has canceled plans for the evening?! 

Don’t worry, guys. My plans have fallen through enough times that I’ve figured out just what to do when your friends cancel plans. And lemme tell ya, sometimes the new plans are better ?? Soooo let’s discuss what you can do:

Wallow in self-pity

Mainly because you have no friends. And no friends = no life. And that likely means you’ll die alone.  And never have any other plans with anyone the rest of your life.


Here’s ACTUALLY what to do when your friends cancel plans:

1. Read a self improvement book

I’ve been super into self improvement lately, and for good reason.  How can you be the best friend/person you can be without working on yourself? So when you get a free night to yourself, take advantage of that! Grab a book and make yourself a better person for the next time you spend time with your friends! 

Some of my absolute favorite self improvement books include:

You Are a Badass

You Are a Badass at Making Money

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

2. Binge your fave tv show

I just finished binging Gossip Girl and during the time I was hooked on it, I would take advantage of any free time to watch an episode. Or three…but who’s counting??

Sometimes the best times to watch your show is when you’re alone and can really get into it. Because who wants someone interrupting them every 5 seconds asking for an update?! Right, no one. 

Lately I’ve been highly obsessed with anything on the Hallmark channel.  Soooo that’s prob what you’ll find me doing when my friends cancel plans. And yep, the perfect romance and perfect endings have set an unrealistic expectation for my own life… Because meeting a Prince disguised as a normal person on the street and falling in love is a totally reasonable plan right?! 

3. Go shopping

My single days have taught me that I just love love love shopping alone. Being alone means I can go into any store I want, spend as much or as little time as I want in there, and not feel pressured to buy or not to buy something.  

And best of all: you can walk up and down every aisle in Target as many times as you want. Can you say partayyyy?!? ????

Or you can spend the day online shopping to get money back through ebates! If you sign up through my ebates link you can score $10 back!

4. Go get a massage – or have an at-home spa night

Girl, take time to pamper yourself! Spend a little money and go get a massage or facial.  However, I always say I’m going to do this, but then I end up taking a nice long bath with a bath bomb, good book, and a glass of wine. But there is never ever anything wrong with an at-home spa night.

My perf at-home spa night would def consist of these Kneipp bath salts, any one of these face masks, and anything from the Hallmark channel. ??

5. Make time for that hobby

Ever think about that one thing that you wish you had more time to work on? Welp, since your friends canceled plans, they practically gave you time to do it! I’ll take any excuse to hit up Starbucks to drink some tea and work on this blog.

6. Hit the gym

Psssst. Guess what? Since your plans were canceled, you literally don’t have a reason to say you “don’t have time to workout.”

7. Learn something new

New language? Investing? Career Advancement? I’m really big into ecourses right now, but you can probably find anything you want to know on YouTube too.

8. Reorganize your closet

About once a season, I love going through my clothes and pitching whatever I haven’t worn in a while. So find a good, upbeat Spotify playlist and blast that bad boy and get to organizing! Oh, and a glass or two of wine wouldn’t be a bad idea either ??