Twitter users celebrate Holi with jokes and memes

1. Do Me A Favour

The only thing worse than wasting water on Holi is listening to Anu Malik’s “do me a favour”


2. Khelenge Hum Holi

Angelina Jolie : leave me alone
Brad Pitt : aaj na chhodenge bas ham Jolie, khelenge hum Holi


3. Diwali is opposite to holi

The opposite of Diwali is Holi. Because you wear new clothes on Diwali.#Happyholi


4. South Delhi Holi

Guy : I am going to bring colours for Holi

South Delhi girl : bring rose red and not brick red. Also, bring Kelly Green instead of Army green. And Turquoise colour too yayy

Guy : is baar holi rehne dete hain


5. Rang Dekhoge?

She: Mere rang dekhoge? Holi ke liye layi hu 

He: 2 saal me saare rang to dikha diye apne ab kya bacha hai



6. Range Hath

You know why are the police having a great time today on#Holi?

 Because woh sabko ‘rangein hathon’ pakad rahe hain. 

(Copied joke, source unknown)

Happy Holi 


7. Balloon Holi

Holi joke: If one water balloon hits you, it is a gubbara.
If a second one hits you, it is dobara ;)#okthanks #HoliHai #HappyHoli



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