Yes It IS Women's Day,But What Do YOU Think?

There are two kinds of people we are surrounded with.One is 'Feminist', the other is of course 'Anti-Feminist' and When we think of The Women's Day,There are two different things that come to these two different minds.
The feminist one: "Why There should be just one day to celebrate the woman's effort?"
The Anti-feminist:"Here Is all about women but what about Men's day? Aren't we existing?"

So keeping these things in mind On this International Women's Day,We surveyed  the youth of our nation about what they think about Women's day and the response i got was quite surprising!

 1. There should not be anything like women's day coz every day is women's day.By celebrating women's day you are just telling us that we still need to be empowered but we are already empowred.Celebrate women everyday and not just 1 day in a year.

-Abhijeet Kaur

2. Actually i dont have big lengthy paragraphs but all i want to say is however cool or modern you are respect women not only on their face but also behind their back...Thats all

-Aditya Sharma

3. The day women are safe in our country,I will celebrate women's day!

-Alwinder Kaur

4.Unless Women Are Liberated, Men Will Never Be Liberated

I become interested in other girl besides my gf, but when my gf shows interest in some other man I become very jealous. I burn in a terrible fire. Men have always created freedom for themselves,Now women are as free as you are. And if you don’t want to burn in jealousy, there are only two ways: one way is that you yourself become free of desire. Where there is no desire, jealousy cannot remain. And the other way: if you don’t want to become free of desire, then at least give the same rights to the other as you have. Gather this much courage. I would like you to become free of desire.

-Aman Chaudhary

5. Don't prepare her to find a right knight,Prepare her to find the right sword!

-Ankush Sharma

6. There is always a woman behind every successful man. She is a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter and a good friend. A man is incomplete withot a woman. Always care and respect Woman.

Happy Women's Day

-Anterpreet Singh

7. A women is a wonderful creation of god,You can get her love in all the forms Mother,Sister,Granny,Wife,Lover and Friend.Happy Women's Day! 

-Dr. Arshad

8.She is clothed in strength and dignity...she laughs without any fear...she is every woman..happy women's day!

-Babandeep Singh

9.  A women, referred to as laxmi(Goddess) of the family, doll to siblings, princess to father and means everything to her mother! The greatest of GOD’s creations! 

Everyday, if celebrated in her honour, would still be li’l less to show our gratitude to every other women around us! She is the charm of the family, a best friend to the sibling, a better half of a man! She is not just a lady, she is a super woman!Happy women’s day to all my women!God bless all the wonder women! 

-Bhavleen kaur

10. Women’s day! let’s for once stop creating platforms for women, we don’t need that and instead create pushes for those who’re still chained down and are in need.

-Bhavya Sankhyan

11. Woman!what should i say? A daughter,a sister,a wife, a mother and a person in which everyone else are residing!She is the one,who knows everything,understands eveything,take cares of everything but never gets tired!Just stop for a while and think,what she means for us?You wont find a woman but the world who has sacrificed everything just for us.So give ur precious time to yourmother sister wife or any other women who cares for you! Happy women's day.

-Dinkar Kakkar

12. My maid works realy hard...  i know the way people treat her...  the way she bears all the scolds and the way she earns bread.... but still everyday she returns back home her husband slaps her....  hits her brutaly.... fucks her without her permission....  and you know wt d worst part z....  both of them think her husband is superior and she was born to serve him....  he has a dick and with that he has all the rights to screw someone with a vagina....    i think this women's  day we WOMEN should change ourselves.... *we need to learn we ARE NOT born to be ruled over by any shity person who thinks his dick makes him above us*

#happy women's day #

-Ekom-The Great

13. To the flame that burns even in the rain , to the hand that reaches even in disdain, to the body that strides even in pain, to that women who shines ever all the same.. Happy women's day.


14. a complete defination of an uplifted, confident, secured, caring, empathetic, loving, competent and moreover a successful women...this is the best know about a the people need to change their thoughts about this profession! Respect is deserved by all.

-Harsmiran Kaur

15. Women don't need a single day to celebrate women's day...every day is a women's should be always grateful for what women do.. be it their mom daughter or wife(or gf) :)

-Jasmine Kaur

16. A woman is like a coconut,Where her family is in difficult situation,She'll act like the outer hard layer and when her family needs love,she'll be like inner soft layer!

-Kiranbeer Kaur

17. Where a 6-months girl is getting raped,how can we celebrate women's day there? We have also seen such cases where an aged lady (80-90 years old) have been through all this,even in This age.A human just because she is named as 'lady',she is not supposed to be  safe,no matter if she is a kid or our elders.It's a dear request to everyone,show some humanity if you can!

P.S. These people are doing their best to help the ones who are being neglected by us,but need some helping hands,so if you want to join them,please contact on the following address.

-Manish Arora 

(Instagram handle-amritsarconfessions1)

18. Women are the power voice of todays world.From giving birth to maintaining the balance of society. #HappyWomen'sDay #Respect

-Mankeerat Singh

19. Behind every successful woman is herself.Women just need to have more confidence to voice their opinion and there is lack of women leadership  in the decision making process of the country.


20. It's hard to comment what women is!All i know is a life is incomplete without a companion.We, the male dominate society should respect every women out there, because of them we get a chance to come out in this world

-Naman Markan

21. Women are strong, caring, loving,powerful and beautiful both from the heart and outside...The society shows them down, but they get up and fight.. They are the soul of the family and holds it together...  I wish everyone a Happy women's day

-Parul Singh

22. A woman is one who is strong enough to believe. Believe in herself and believe in others too. A woman is one who is furious and majestic.A woman is one who can sort your world.A woman is a mother, a sister , a friend, a daughter .A father, a brother and a son as well. She is the protector and a surviver.

-Prasunita Rana

23. I just want to say that you are an amazingly strong woman. I may not know all the struggles you have in your life but I know you're dealing with everything in the best way because of that gorgeous smile you always carry. I wish you the best for today and always.

With all my love.  Happy International Women's Day all the beautiful ladies over there. 


24.Women :  A phenomenal wonder who elegantly fills the voids of universe .

Happy Women's Day


25. We people talk about  equality but where is men's day?I may be wrong but i think we should also appreciate the efforts of a man in our life just the way we do for women . Just a thought why should girls enjoy all the attentions.

-Satwinder Kaur

26.World honour u one day only

Honour yourself every day!

-Sheetal Maini