You didn't break her, Darling!

She's been through hell and came out, an angel.
You didn't break her, Darling.
You don't own that kind of power.

1. Walk on your wild side!

1. Walk on your wild side!

Strong independent just myself,

That' s what I want to be.

That' s what I am!

Slut, bitch, attention seeker that is what they think about me,

You can go all blah blah society, that won't change a thing about me!

If u think all this is going to matter after a few years,

Then you are giving yourself too much importance,

No one would remember anything about you in a couple of years. 

So why fear, why stop yourself from doing anything you  want to?

The biggest thing we can achieve in our life is overcoming bullies that we have created for ourselves,

Get over the fears of what if!

 Don't be afraid to explore your boundaries,

Always walk on your wild side!

~ Abhijeet

2. Now you change!

2. Now you change!

To make a change,

You need to change!

I'm still 8,

You need to change!

I'm still innocent,

You need to change!

I considered you to be father figure,

You need to change! 

I knew nothing, I was ignorant,

You need to change!

Now I'm gone,

At least now you change!

~ Bhavleen