4.5 lakh Indian marriage proposals to Google Assistant

Google's voice-based assistant, Ok Google, has received about 4.5 lakh proposals for marriage in India.

Rishi Chandra VP of Product Management on stage now. "Google Assistant is available in India in Hindi and English. It has increasingly become popular in India."

"We have 4.5 lakh marriage proposals to Google Assistant from India," Mr Chandra added.

Mr Chandra was speaking at the launch of voice activated speakers--- Google Home and Google Home Mini."Voice is becoming an increasingly common way for computing. Google Assistant goes further than search. It can understand context," Mr Chandra said.

Rajan Anandan, VP India and South East Asia, “Voice input covers more than a 1 billion consumers in 119 languages all around the world today." he says.

Ok Google is currently available on Android-based phones.

"In India, voice input is exploding. Users prefer to rely on voice, instead of typing in India," Mr Anandan said.

Google Home and Google home Mini will be priced at ₹ 9,999 and ₹ 4,999, respectively. It supports English for now, while support for Hindi will be made available later this year.