Finland to get island where no man will be allowed

An American entrepreneur is opening a 'women-only' holiday retreat on an artificial island in Finland where no man will be allowed. The Super She island is currently under construction and is being marketed as an 'ultra-luxe and health-focused' island. Its founder Kristina Roth said she came up with the idea because she thought men were a distraction to female visitors.

No man’s land is typically defined as a land that is unoccupied or is under dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied due to fear or uncertainty. However, an American entrepreneur is literally creating a ‘No Man’s Land’ i.e. she is opening a holiday retreat on an island in Finland where no men are allowed! The island, called SuperShe, is currently under construction in the Helsinki archipelago, and will open to female only guests later this year. It has been founded by Kristina Roth and the resort promises to be a relaxing female-only oasis, according to the Independent. Men will be banned from entering the ten-cabin retreat. SuperShe is being created as an ‘ultra-luxe and health-focused’ oasis.

The brain behind this concept, Roth, says that she came up with the idea of a women-only holiday resort after she found that men were a distraction to female visitors. Roth is the former CEO of a consultancy business. She explains her observation by saying that wherever there is a cute guy around, a woman would put on lipstick. At the time, Roth was taking a restorative vacation in Calabasas, California and noticed the effect men had on the good vibes when they arrived, reports the Independent. Roth had already bought land on Turks and Caicos with the intention of building the SuperShe retreat there when she fell in love with a Finn – and then Finland. The luxurious resort will be available to members of the SuperShe community, a networking group founded by American Kristina Roth, according to the Daily Mail.

Roth shares that her partner’s parents own the island next-door. And when the (future) SuperShe Island went up for sale, he convinced her to buy it. It is an 8.4 acre island and will feature ten cabins with ‘spa-esque amenities’. Roth is also planning for fitness and yoga sessions and cooking classes. The idea is for women to “focus on yourself – don’t try to get your hormones up,” she has been quoted saying. Roth also clarifies that there is no ‘man-hating’ behind this women-only policy. Going forward, Roth adds she wouldn’t mind male guests, but the primary focus will always be the SuperShe community members and women of similar groups.