Husbands can't use wife's ATM card : SBI

Have the habit of getting someone withdraw money for you using your the ATM card?

 Be warned. If something goes wrong during the transaction, you will lose the money and the bank will not be responsible for it. The reason: you have shared the PIN, which is non-transferable, and hence violated the norms the bank had set for card users as no person other than the account holder should use it.

It was in 2013 that Vandana, a Bengaluru resident, asked her husband to withdraw Rs 25,000 from the nearby SBI ATM. He got no money after the transaction but the slip he got showed it was complete and the cash was delivered.

 The couple tried every avenue, from the banking ombudsman to the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum but the bank stuck to its stand refusing to give them money. The CCTV footage also did not help as it showed someone other than the card holder using it.  The consumer forum, which disposed off her petition last month, said Vandana could have written a cheque in favour of her husband instead of sharing the ATM PIN which is violation of the rule.