These WhatsApp texts making the App, smartphones crash

A set of buggy messages are making rounds on WhatsApp these days. These messages, according to reports include invisible special characters, which are responsible for crashing the app. These spam messages are not only crashing Whatsapp but also the smartphone. The messages are said to crash the WhatsApp app on both Android and iOS devices.

These messages apparently include hidden symbols, which are responsible for the app or phone crash. The messages are written in a plain and simple text together with emojis which is what makes it difficult for the users to identify if it's a normal message or a bug. The pranksters are using these hidden special characters to mislead the WhatsApp users.

By looking at the messages for the first time it will look like any other normal message and not a spam. It is only after you tap on the message that your WhatsApp app may crash or freeze. In some cases, as mentioned, these bugs may crash the complete Android or iOS system, after which you may need to restart your device, as reported by a Reddit user.

One of these few spam messages read -- "This is very interesting," with the "laughing so much I'm crying" emoji. The message although looks like a plain text, includes hidden symbols between the emoji and a quotation mark at the end of the sentence. The invisible symbols are responsible for the crash of the app or the phone.

Another message reads as follows -- "If you touch this black dot then your WhatsApp will hang" and also includes a downward pointing finger at a dot. The stated sentence is followed by the second line with a 'black dot' and the words "t-touch-here" are written next to the dot. On clicking the black dot crashes the WhatsApp app. In some cases, it freezes the app.

Reportedly, these WhatsApp messages are nothing but prank and there seem to be nothing malicious about them. However, it is still recommended to not click on them. This is not for the first time that we have come across such spam messages making round on WhatsApp.

Avoiding such messages is recommended. If you receive any such buggy messages on WhatsApp, it is advised to not click on them, and simply ignore. If you receive such messages, the best idea is to delete it. You should also inform other WhatsApp contacts to not click on such messages stating the reason why. Also, avoid forwarding such messages to others.