US man claims Apple AirPods emitted smoke in ear, exploded

A man from the US has claimed that one of his Apple AirPods started emitting white smoke inside his ear while he was using them at the gym. He claimed he removed it, placed it on a gym equipment and went to seek help. However, on his return, he saw that the earphone was "popped," with traces of flame damage.

A man in Florida claims that one of his Apple AirPods began smoking and later exploded. Florida's WFLA TV reports that the man, Jason Colon, was working out at a gym when he noticed smoke coming from the AirPod in his right ear. He immediately took both AirPods out and placed them on a piece of gym equipment while he sought help, but when he returned, the AirPod in question was charred and broken apart. "I didn't see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried. You can see flame damage," he told WFLA.

We've seen reports like this before. Last year, a woman reported that her headphones exploded while she was wearing them on a plane and of course there was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle in 2016. Lithium-ion batteries are known to overheat and explode, but while AirPods do contain batteries, it's not at all clear that they were the cause of whatever happened to Colon's.

We reached out to Apple but it declined to comment on the situation. A company spokesperson told WFLA that it would investigate the claim and would reach out to Colon.

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